Hemp Companies Contribute to Fight Against COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected lakhs of people worldwide with corporates, governments and citizens of various countries having joined the arduous battle against the disease. When everyone is doing their part, hemp companies have also come forward to make their contributions and advance help during the crises. Most medical marijuana dispensaries have been allowed to remain open to take care of patients and many CBD brands have come forward to fight against the pandemic.

For instance, Cloudious9 has plans to donate a large number of infrared thermometers to the San Francisco Bay Area Emergency Services, where the supply is inadequate since January. These thermometers would help in ensuring the safety of the employees by minimizing the risk of exposure among them as well as the public. The company is also involved with local and state agencies to facilitate the process of procurement of critical medical supplies. Another company called Moxie is in the process of formulating hand sanitizers, which would be packaged and delivered to all customers along with other deliveries. These formulations would also be donated to hospitals, clinics, community members, etc. and given the high demand coupled with a low shortage (as these can be made only in few places), this initiative would prove to be highly useful.

Solaris firms are selling cannabis at discounted prices to dispensaries to keep up with the supply and their operation. They are offering as high as a 20% discount, which might be increased if need be. The CEO Michael Sassano has said,

Although our first priority is to the safety of our employees and doing our part to slow the spread of the virus by adhering to even stricter anti-microbial protocols, we have recently partnered with the Holistically Positive Product Give administered the Ogden Foundation to support patients that cannot afford their medicines through the Community Outreach Medical Centre.

Manna Molecular CBD is also offering a 15% discount on their online store for Vella, a sexual wellness product for females, which is condom compatible and paraben-free. The code to be used is ‘GlovesOFF’ to avail the discount on this scientifically-backed topical serum.

Companies like Moon Mother Hemp has made shipping free to all customers and made plans for weekly sales for six weeks. They would also create content to engage their customers to foster links with their community and provide financial assistance. Dr. Dabber has conducted a giveaway for its limited edition products, and offered an eblast to its subscribers with a discount code as a token of thanks for their customer support. Bluebird Botanicals has expanded an already existing assistance program to give discounts to teachers, students, civil servants, poor families and those with disabilities. Those facing financial hardships due to the pandemic would also qualify to avail a 30% discount except for bulk or wholesale orders and are also being offered savings.

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