Started by a group of individuals passionate about the power of CBD products, Medterra believes CBD should be available to all those in need at an affordable price.


Medterra provides customers with true seed to sale purchases. Our industrial hemp is grown and extracted in accordance within the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Each and every product that leaves the facility must be third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Medterra is proud to be in partnership with the Hemp Pilot Research Program to be able to provide customers quality CBD products in all 50 states and most international countries. Although hemp cultivation, extraction and manufacturing is relatively new to the US, our team of experts and partners have dedicated their lives to industrial farming methodologies, food-grade compound extraction, vegetable genetics, and quality control, just to name a few. Through industry efforts, we hope to remove the stigma associated with cannabis cultivation and educate the nation on the efficacy and sustainability of this miraculous, naturally occurring compound.



At Medterra, CBD is our passion. We love being a part of something that has helped many find improvement in their quality of life. Always innovating and introducing new products, we are constantly focusing on how to get this natural resource available to those who are searching for it.


As an early leader in the industry, Medterra is proud to say that all of our CBD oils, tinctures and creams start at American hemp farms in Kentucky.

Kentucky is located in a region that hosts long growing seasons and provides rich soil that has been tilled for hundreds of years, resulting in the best possible American grown crop. Our hemp is farmed in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program – always assuring quality and consistency for our consumers.

Medterra complies with the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification program which is the industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best practices and self regulation. We adhere to these standards in an effort to instill confidence in the products we offer to the consumers that use them. Under those same regulations, our hemp plants are grown without herbicides like glyphosate, as chemicals would harm the plant and void guidelines by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

All of our extracts go through independent, third-party lab testing, so that you can be sure you’re receiving the safest, highest quality product. All of our suppliers are GMP certified as well. This means our customers get to enjoy the benefits of this very diverse plant without the risk of contaminates, pesticides or THC.

We want you to see us as more than a logo and pretty, purple packaging. The team at Medterra has dreams, passions and motivations just like you – ours just happen to be about delivering quality CBD products at an affordable price.


There’s nothing we hold closer to our hearts than our customers’ well-being. The entire reason our CEO, Jay Hartenbach, decided to launch Medterra was out of his enduring passion regarding the incredible benefits of CBD. We couldn’t wait to do something worthwhile with our time that helps others by potentially improving their quality of life. It warms our hearts to know that we’re able to play a hand in something this amazing.


Everything we do, we do it for you. Early on we all agreed (and something we instill in every team member at Medterra) that we need to share the wealth. We do this by promoting CBD education and by helping raise the standards of the industry. Additionally, our doors are always open (during business hours), so if you’re in the area and want to chat – feel free. We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always working on getting better. We can’t wait to share what’s next!


Dr. Jeanette Jacknin

Dr. Jacknin is a board-certified dermatologist, author, national speaker, and consultant, with expertise in holistic dermatology, natural cosmeceuticals, and topical hemp and cannabinoids for beauty and health. She was the first dermatologist to speak on the science behind topical cannabinoids and skin disorders at the Annual American Academy of Dermatology conference in February 2018 and has since been interviewed by some of the top publications such as InStyle, The Washington Post, Healthline, The New York Times, Oprah, Vogue and many more.

Dr. Matthew Halpert

Equipped with a Ph.D from the University of Alabama, Dr. Halpert is the Director of Research & Development at Medterra. He is currently responsible for all product related R&D from performing pharmokinetic studies on efficacy to reviewing the latest peer reviewed publications on CBD. Halpert also holds a faculty position at the Baylor College of Medicine where he studies both the efficacy and immunological processes, homeostatic regulation and cancer immunotherapy.

Dr. Mayank Amin

Dr. Mayank Amin is a well-accomplished, health care and business professional with success in uplifting a multitude of organizations. With an independent pharmacy of his own, that sells Medterra, Mayank has become a friendly face in the name of pharmacy by showing compassion for his patients, employees, and community. Mayank received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of the Sciences and MBA in strategic management and marketing from the Villanova School of Business. With years of experience developing, marketing, and advocating different products, brands, and ideas, Mayank has been able to apply these experiences with his professional work to leave a positive impact on patients through education and outreach.

Dr. Laura Catena

As a registered veterinarian and a strong background in holistic and integrative treatments, Dr. Catena is the founder of ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves, a compassionate animal handling glove designed to protect animal handlers from animal-related injuries and decrease disease transmission, while not needing to use excessive force. She has also taken a particular interest in animal nutrition, kidney disease, and integrative medicine such as CBD.

Dr. Lisa Lippman

Dr. Lisa Lipmann is known as NYC’s premier veterinarian. She is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the United States and is nationally respected by media outlets such as Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and People Magazine as a go-to source for expertise in pet health and safety. She completed a pre-medical program at the University of Pennsylvania and then went on to earn her DVM at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine in southern California. As a big advocate of natural alternatives and a holistic view on pet health, she recognizes the true benefits CBD can have on our pets.


Studies have shown that CBD interacts with the body’s own Endocannabinoid system.

What is the Endocannabinoid System? The ECS is a self-regulating system of cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the body. It communicates with nearly every system of the body, including the central nervous system, immune system and organs.

There are two cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2 – and they are located on cells throughout the body. Cannabinoids are designed to stimulate the cannabinoid receptors. This stimulation activates the receiving neuron into action, triggering a set of events to pass along the message and carry out a variety of cellular responses needed for homeostasis and healthy functioning.

CB1 receptors are primarily located on nerve cells in the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system. They have been found to play a role in memory processing, motor regulation, discomfort sensation, mood, and sleep. CB2 receptors are found throughout cells in the immune system and its associated structures. When activated, they stimulate a response that fights inflammation, which can reduce discomfort and minimize damage to tissues.