What is the #FOBO® Kit?

It’s a 4-piece kit that fights acne by using YOUR microbiome. This kit has everything you need and the ingredients are PERSONALIZED to your skin:

SCANTILY Pad™ AM/PM Acne Treatment
CLEANSE with Benefits™ AM/PM Cleanser
SUPPLEMEANT to Be™ Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix
PATCH Me (If You Can)™ Targeted Pimple Patches

Each one is formulated with clean ingredients, and a specific blend of pre-, pro-, and postbiotics. Working together, they balance the microbiome by helping your good bacteria flourish, and keeping the bad bacteria in check.

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Ever heard of FOBO?

It’s the Fear of Breaking Out and the scientists at Dermala have found the cure. It’s not antibiotics and it’s not retinoids.

It’s a revolutionary acne-fighting system that targets the condition from the inside out. And it all starts with the microbiome! See how Dermala is stopping FOBO in its tracks with gut-based skincare.

Dermala is leading the charge! Their scientifically developed, clinically tested acne solution — appropriately called the #FOBO Kit — is the breakthrough remedy everyone’s been waiting for.

Dermala has found a way to attack and prevent acne from the inside out by unlocking the key to stopping breakouts — GUT HEALTH. Each personalized #FOBO Kit comes with a four-product system, including topical treatments and supplements that target the microbiome.

After all, acne is bacteria, and with the recent scientific interest in all things gut health, it makes sense that balancing gut bacteria can stop nasty breakouts before they start.

Have you been dealing with breakouts for years with no luck finding a treatment that actually works for YOU?

You are unique and so is your skin. Acne treatments are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

About 80% of people will experience acne at some point in their lives. Many factors come together to cause acne, including, hormonal changes leading to the overproduction of sebum, the improper shedding of skin cells, and bacterial overgrowth. Genetics, lifestyle, and diet can also play a role in causing acne.

Commonly available acne treatments do not work for everyone since every person’s acne is a little different. Most treatments are also harsh on the skin and cause unwanted side-effects, rather than treating the acne.

That’s because they only treat one or a few causes of acne and use harsh chemicals. To properly treat acne, all causes of acne need to be addressed using a formulation that is gentle on your skin.

Fortunately, there IS one acne treatment that is truly complete. And works. It has 4 products to treat the inside and outside causes of acne. Plus, it’s loaded with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to balance your microbiome for overall skin health.

==> Try this #FOBO Acne Treatment Kit with 4 products for glowing, clear skin

It’s the most powerful combination of blemish-fighting products out there, and you deserve to find the one that works best for you!

To your skin health!