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America’s #1 Choice for CBD Products. 

CBDResource is proud to offer the highest quality, full spectrum CBD products on the market. Our first and most important priority is to give everyone access to the remarkable benefits of CBD with the widest selection of high quality, organically grown CBD products.

Commitment to Quality & Service 
CBD Resource is fully committed to bringing our customers the best & highest grade CBD products available on the market today. We go through intensive research to verify that each company we work with offer’s all-natural, lab-tested, organic CBD oils, extracts and tinctures.

CBD is great for Anxiety, Stress & Moods, Sleep Support, PTSD, ADHD, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Skin Care, Acne Muscle Pain, Muscle Soreness and Pets. We are commited to Quality & Service. We offer best & highest grade CBD products available on the market today.

We go through intensive research to verify that each company we work with offer’s all-natural, lab-tested, organic CBD oils, concentrates, capsules, pills, supplements, gummies, topicals, extracts and tinctures.

What are CBD Products?

It often happens that people who have symptoms that limit their ability to function normally opt for traditional medicine. Of course, most medications do work, yet their prices are unreasonably exaggerated. And that’s what CBD products are for – to make you sense deep relief for reasonable prices from unordinary yet the most effective treatment.

With a bunch of cannabidiol-infused items, you can arm yourself with an annual stock of necessary cure without fearing there’ll be no money left for another pack. Best CBD products were designed to free you from the chains of pain and stress, to make you breathe easier and enjoy every morning of your life. Just take a look at how much effort thousands of American manufacturers put to create a real firework of CBD goodness.

CBD is used to alleviate various conditions, such as:

  • inflammation;
  • sharp pain;
  • intestinal inflammation;
  • psychoses and mental breakdown;
  • nausea;
  • migraine;
  • depression;

CBD Dosage: How Much Should I take?

Taking CBD is the same as trying on new clothes in a fitting room. There’s no universal dose, just like there’s no equal size of clothes for everyone. The way of consuming CBD products is highly individual and varies from person to person. Therefore, you should take into account such critical parameters as weight group and desired effect from CBD treatment.


For example, if you weigh less than 130 pounds, a recommended dosage for mild effect is 11 mg, whereas for moderate and strong ones – 14 and 17 mg will be enough. For the weight group from 130 to 230 pounds, doses of 18, 19 and 24 mg for according effects are advisable. Users of more than 230 pounds should take 23, 24, and 31 mg to achieve a needed effect.

Benefits of CBD Products

Let’s figure out how exactly does CBD work to keep you healthy and happy.

Reduces inflammation and pain

Cannabidiol is proved by science to have a beneficial impact on the health of people who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation. In particular, CBD positively affects active a3 glycine receptors in our body, which in turn makes us react to pain less acutely. This way, everyone who takes CBD can feel relief and bear the feeling of pain much easier.

Helps quit smoking

TAlthough no accurate scientific data explain why cannabidiol helps so many people to forget about cigarettes, it’s still a fact that it does. This effect is linked to the endocannabinoid system, which partially regulates our desire to smoke. Once the system is targeted by CBD oil in particular, it becomes balanced, therefore “turning off” nicotine addiction and buffering discomfort.

Regulates appetite

Any departure from normal regulation of the digestive system is known to aggravate once the problem is left unnoticed or abandoned. CBD was designed with people who suffer from this condition in mind, ensuring premium healing properties and effective elimination of nausea and appetite deviations. More importantly, CBD doesn’t lead to negative side effects, meaning that you’re much less likely to experience additional problems with health.

Lessen anxiety

Admittedly, there’s no single form or type of anxiety that affects the entire population. To this group belong many mental health issues, including generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and others. Because there is such a variety of different conditions, it’s especially hard to know exactly what kind of treatment one needs. But unlike traditional medications with localized effects, CBD works much faster and better, successfully targeting the affected areas.

How to choose the Best CBD products?

First of all, CBD in gummies attaches to your gut and immune system, making it much easier to cope with anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Second of all, the active ingredients included into the gummies are all-organic and GMO-free, which means you’ll never find traces of pesticides, heavy metals and other potentially dangerous chemicals there. Finally, depression sufferers claim that rainbow CBD gummies help them cope with insomnia and enhance the overall quality of life.
First, remember – CBD doesn’t treat all diseases in the world. Second, the quality of such products sometimes might not help you, or even make your condition worse. Third, chances are the extraction methods used by this or that company fail to meet the required manufacturing standards, which is a big CBD sin..

1. Watch out the brands with no indication of extraction processes

So how do you pick the right CBD products without being trapped in a pitfall? Here’s our suggestions that’ll help you make a proper choice:

First things first, always pay attention to the information stated on the official websites. If you find a little data or fail to find any in terms of how CBD products are derived, that’s not a reliable company. The method of CBD extraction has a direct impact on the chemical composition of the final product, which is the application of pressure to the plant.

And while the technology remains the same for all manufacturers, the way how cannabidiol is extracted plays a definitive role in the quality of goods. The most secure and effective means of CBD derivation is CO2 extraction, namely because it preserves all natural terpenes and cannabinoids and gets rid of hazardous chemicals and toxins. Therefore, opt for brands that use only this method for the production of CBD goods.

2. Check if companies include third-party testing reports

That would be silly if you shopped for the best CBD product without knowing if it’s gone through necessary testing from credible laboratories. There, experienced chemists validate the accordance of goods to quality, as well as check the compliance of farmers to hemp growth standards and the proper formation of genetic profile. These factors help specialists determine whether the product is worth being sold on shelves or not.

Other than that, many US organizations test final products and give seals of approval to the most scrupulous companies. Hence, find a minute to check if any lab test results demonstrate the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other elements which indicate inferiority of the chosen CBD infused products.

3. Get Away With Adulterations

It’s not a secret that some, if not many, companies tend to increase the savory qualities of their CBD products by adding artificial coloring’s or gluten. Such tendency diminishes the real value of and buffers the organics of products that should inherently dominate in every batch. To make matters worse, some allergens might be added to your favorite product, meaning that it has GMO organisms and the soil on which the hemp growth actively absorbs them.

There are much better substitutions for the unnatural substances which all companies should apply, such as essential oils, juices of natural fruit etc. By the way, some manufacturers take a step further and even replace gelatin in CBD gummies and capsules with organic cellulose, which is a perfect solution for vegetarians. So read the contests of each product thoroughly before buying one.

4. Talk With CBD Company’s Customer Support

Sometimes knowing some information about CBD products is not enough to make a rational buying decision. That’s why addressing customer support for slight interrogation would never be superfluous. After all, it’s you who puts health at stake, not manufacturers. If you have some burning questions regarding anything about the product, be it formulation, sourcing or extraction processes, make sure the support staff knows the answers. Otherwise, that’s a red flag that points on an evident fact – this is not the right company to buy CBD goods from.

5. Check the Brand’s Guarantees

The majority of CBD companies value their reputation and customers who trust them. Such brands do realize how important it is to do everything to retain client satisfaction. In view of this, they offer money-back guarantees for every product. If you find out that CBD products of your choice don’t fit you or the quality of packaging causes suspicions, make sure the company makes a refund. But if it doesn’t, that is an indicator which explains the company’s desire to make more cash instead of selling you the remedy of high efficacy.

Choosing the right
CBD Products Dosage

“How much CBD should I eat?” – that’s the question every CBD intake starter asks. The matter is that every person has different tolerance levels when it comes to CBD. So naturally, it’s impossible to calculate the optimal concentration of this substance based on intuition if you don’t know your level. Hence, you need to know the type of health condition, its severity, and weight to know which dosage might be just perfect for curing it. Check the table below to define accurate dosing according to your condition:

Criteria for Quality CBD Products.


Most CBD companies are fairly new as the US Farm Bill of 2014. Another sign of a strong business is the leadership.

Origin of Hemp

The main reason why hemp’s cultivation environment is so important is because of hemp’s properties of absorbing contaminants from the soil while it grows. So if the soil it was grown on is not good, clean soil, then that plant might contain high levels of lead or mercury.

Currently, there is not enough hemp grown in the US to supply the growing demand for CBD. It’s also cheaper and more lucrative for businesses to import CBD oil from these foreign countries.
When hemp is imported from other countries, there’s a lack of regulation and transparency behind the quality control. Majority of CBD products on the market are still imported from countries like China and Eastern Europe. It’s also cheaper and more lucrative for businesses to import CBD oil from these foreign countries.

CBD Taste

Taking CBD everyday should be something you enjoy, so we wanted to see if any brands offered unique flavors. Overall, we’ve found that brands offer sprays and tinctures that are flavored.

3rd Party Lab Results

THIS IS KEY: Customers should always request third party lab results that test for potency, pesticides, residual solvents, and mycotoxins of the CBD hemp oil. If a company is reluctant to share these results with you, it should automatically be a red flag and indicate that they have something to hide. We’ve done the work and checked if these brands offer those tests to their customers.

Customer Service

New companies are popping up literally overnight making shopping for CBD confusing, mainly because there’s a lot we still don’t know about hemp extracts. Choosing a quality provider such as CBDResource.org is there help gurantee that you are making a Good Choice.


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Be sure the check the Return Policy. Some people may change thier mind after thier order. Check to see if you are able to return “Un-Opended” bottles.

At CBDResource, we offer a 45 day guarantee. Please see our shipping and returns section.


It gets quite confusing to try to compare prices of CBD products, because of the differences in size, dosage, and type of product. We are here to broker the best price/value from certified CBD Manufactures.